I’m Friso Visser, a creative speaker and speakive creator.

I am many things: Entrepreneur. World citizen. Nerd. Dad. Ideation inventor at BRAIN FUEL. Innovation scout at INNOFEST. My goal is to make the difficult easy, the unknown known. And to totally destroy everything that is boring and ineffective.

Say hi by sending me an e-mail at hi@frisovisser.com, friso@brainfuel.nl or friso@innofest.co Whatever you prefer.

Brain Fuel

I am the inventor and founder of Brain Fuel: a fast, fun and brand new brainstorming methodology for creators, innovators, students and everybody who needs true creativity. Let me know if you want me to inspire your team, solve challenges together or build creative capability in your company.

Ignite your ideation


I am an Innovation Scout and Communications Strategist for Innofest, an award-winning entrepreneurial programme which uses festivals as living labs for innovation. Do you have new protype or an experimental technique you want to test before you go-to-market?

I Have An Innovation

FuckUp Nights

I am the co-organizer and host of the Fuckup Nights in Leeuwarden, European capital of culture 2018. You know how entrepreneurs always talk about succes? Well, we like to talk about failure too. Join our events and let us learn from your fuck-ups!

I Fucked Up